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 Still waiting?… 3 more reasons we’re your best marketing decision:

  • Boost awareness of your expertise

  • Empower your front office to promote

  • Get research-based content you can trust

Today’s social environment works in your favor; only Carestruck has the healthcare expertise you need.

Patients are posting updates to their social pages about their status from your waiting room, including one that announces they’ve checked in. We’ll show you how to connect with them before their name is called to get mentioned in their posts. New patients become your biggest advocates. Empower them and get qualified advertising you can’t budget… Learn more here.

Your established patient base is a rich opportunity; only Carestruck works within your office to tap it.

Established patients are a few hundred more reasons to call Carestruck.  They have the least incentive to search for you online, and you have the most to gain from extending their engagement online for valuable word of mouth. We’ve generated growth by extending patient engagement beyond the visit as part of an integrated strategy.

Healthcare content requires current research and close personal attention; Carestruck delivers.

Whether you’ve added a new provider, renovated your waiting room, or added an advanced treatment to your options menu, these are relevant marketing opportunities. Call us to learn how they can be leveraged, and discover more reasons you need the responsiveness and convenience of a full-service marketing agency.

Delivering the total package is our mission at Carestruck, and we’re passionate about achieving results from solutions tailored to each client. You have an online presence no matter how its being managed or not. Whether you’re just starting, planning to expand, or at maximum capacity, discover how we’re covering all bases. Begin a discussion with no obligation.