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The key to successful growth strategy is integration

We blend a variety of services into a cohesive strategy for growth.  With discipline and consistency we balance a plan that keeps every channel in sync.  In the end, it’s not the R.O.I. on any one service you’re measuring, but the impact to your organization when all channels are synchronized in forward  motion.

If you’re posting wicked social media updates, but failing to direct your audience to your website to make an appointment, or worse, providing no new website content for return visitors curious to learn more… you’re losing growth opportunities almost as fast as you’re winning them.  In other words, you’ve got a hole in your boat.

No matter how busy your practice, managing an effective market presence is a must. With an explosion of healthcare rating sites and directories, practice listings are appearing in surprising places. Mobile applications put variable content at the fingertips of prospective patients at the moment they’re selecting a provider. That’s why we begin with an evaluation of your search results, services we offer at no charge. For clients, we monitor results routinely to update content across the board – not just on your website.

Call Today – 708-995-1370.  Then, sign up for our 8-Point Checklist and test your strategy.

Our strategies are data-driven and services tailored to meet your objectives. Because we specialize in healthcare, we cover every aspect of your digital image and reputation. We’re always working on the total picture, not only web development or print or mailings.

  • Extend your community footprint
  • Raise your hospital profile
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Boost word-of-mouth referrals, or
  • Improve communication to referral sources

We integrate all channels to reflect the unique contributions your services provide the communities you serve. We deliver measurable results through a differentiated message pushed consistently and synchronized across all channels.

Our fees are subscription based because programs are scalable and tailored to your goals, resources and budget. Maintenance is one of the most important services we provide. Channel development and integration take time and once established, these vehicles must be sustained responsively. It’s the only way to keep your audiences coming back to your online presence again and again.  They’ll return for value-added updates, informative bulletins, branded support services and inspiration. You remain in control of your presence, and protect your reputation with improved line of site to the complete picture.

Once your strategy has been executed, we’ll help empower your staff to help sustain momentum. Expectations for patient services have evolved with EMR, and greater access to health information and provider data. In this environment customers won’t wait indefinitely for a return call from your office. Instead, we offer consumer-focused patient service training based on current tools proven to improve patient satisfaction. At Carestruck, we empower your staff to encourage a steady stream of positive ratings reviews, and we work closely with your team to make office processes more efficient.

Like all of our clients, you’ve built a stellar reputation clinically and professionally, and you’re impacting lives every day. You’re working hard and that dedication is making a difference. Our mission at Carestruck is to ensure that while you’re changing the lives of your patients, your online presence accurately reflects your clinical reputation reaching hundreds at a time – extending patient engagement, communicating to your referral network, and attracting new patients while you work.